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NexNav MAX

The Avionics OEM GPS SBAS reciever/sensor of choice

NexNav MAX is the industry’s first and only DO-229D compliant aerospace GPS-SBAS receiver certified by the FAA for TSO-C145c Class Beta 3 operation. The receiver can be used as a primary sensor for navigation during en-route, terminal, LNAV, LNAV/VNAV and LP/LPV phases of flight.

Whether it’s a need for LP/LPV approach precision or highly reliable PVT, NexNav MAX offers standard and custom solutions according to needs. Designed around a small form-factor, the NexNav MAX CCA is provided ready to integrate into host avionics systems, an LRU sensor or as a standalone module to ARINC 743 requirements. We can even package the CCA in a module tailored to your application.

NexNav MAX has the next generation Solution available today.

Product Specifications

Global Navigation Satellite System Receiver - Avionics OEM Circuit Card Assembly and LRU
  • Conformed to US FAA TSO-C145c, RTCA MOPS DO-229D (No Deviations), DO-178B DAL B
  • Primary Means of Navigation
  • Enroute, Terminal And LNAV Approach Phases Of Flight
  • Meets All Known Global ADS-B Requirements
  • Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS)
    • Compatible With ALL SBAS Systems Such As WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN
  • 12 GPS + 3 SBAS Channels
  • 5 Hz Output
  • I/O Connector - 40 Pin Dual Row Receptacle - SMA RF Connector, Socket
  • +5 Vdc Regulated Power Input - 01.0A at 5 Vdc Nominal Consumption
  • Weight 2.7 Oz (75 Grams)
  • Dual Output
    • NexNav Legacy protocol or Accord Binary
    • Standard NMEA Set Interfaces
  • RS TTL (Time Mark RS 422)
  • GPS CCA External Dimensions 3"W X 5"L X 0.7"H Not Including Connector
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